European Fulfillment

EuropeWhat do you really need in a logistics process?

A warehouse, inventory and wheels? Or are these just the tip of an iceberg of all that is needed to get goods in the right place at the right time?

BNS Data Logistics has all the knowledge to serve vendors from abroad in their local administrative, financial, fiscal and legal needs. Above all offers BNS a solid European network of buyers enabling new entrants a kickstart in Europe. They can make use of the unique international logistics position that The Netherlands have in Europe. For that reason BNS is the ‘go to’ party for all vendors looking to open up the European market in a very smooth and cost effective way.

BNS was established in 1998. First of all we provide services as distribution & fulfillment. BNS distinguishes itself pre-eminently by providing customized fulfilment. Although BNS forwards more then 400.000 of bundled packages per year, the company remains focused on providing added value by means of underlying high-quality IT solutions.

Complete solution to Internet Service Providers

BNS is the largest and sole party in the market able to offer a complete solution to Internet Service Providers. While BNS proves, from day to day, its ‘value add’ by providing products to their partners, by packing and forwarding xDSL packages and fitting new products automatically with the proper firmware and settings. BNS also has broad experience in customized projects for large, international clients, in particular for broadband providers.

Complex logistic processes

Due to BNS’​ high-quality IT systems, our often tailor-made clientspecific solutions, provide insight information of a complex logistic processes, online and 24 hours per day. Because BNS operates flexibly, as the operator’s own – virtual – logistics department, we are able to offer the possibility to change workorders if desired directly. Furthermore BNS offers (auto)provisioning for TR-069 enabled ADSL-routers, supplementing the fulfillment solution with a cost-saving delivery of ADSL routers. For that reason operators save even more on costly equipment, because BNS provides the routers delivered with the proper firmware. Provisioning in the field of mobile computing is a field that will be certainly further developed by BNS in the years to come.


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