European Fulfillment

What do you really need in a logistics process? A warehouse, inventory and wheels? Or are these just the tip of an iceberg of all that is needed to get goods in the right place at the right time?

BNS have all the knowlegde to serve vendors from abroad in their local administrative, financial, fiscal and legal needs. In addition, BNS offers a solid European network of buyers enabling new entrants to have a kickstart in Europe. They can make use of the unique international logistics position that The Netherlands have in Europe. This makes BNS the ‘go to’ party for all vendors looking to open up the European market in a very smooth and cost effective way.


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BNS levert producten en oplossingen op het gebied van telefonie, netwerk en Smart Home. Installateurs, IT en Telecombedrijven vinden sinds 1998 de weg naar BNS voor logistiek, producten en technisch support. Als expert op het gebied van technisch fulfillment zijn wij de gewenste distributeur voor complexe oplossingen.


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