Sustainable lifecyclemanagement

BNS has been the European partner for fulfillment in the IT & Telecom industry for 25 years. We provide lifecycle management fulfillment to, among others, Internet Service Providers, Smart Home manufacturers and the health-care industry. With our products and services, we help our partners achieve their financial and sustainability goals.

Our goal is to optimize the lifespan of hardware with an internet function. We do this by working closely with our partners, striving for 100% reuse through our services  in recycling and refurbishment.

Our professional team of people, with years of experience in (reverse) logistics and a strong global network, is committed to continuous improvement and innovation in repair, re-manufacture, refurbishment, reclamation and reuse technologies. We have in-depth experience in network equipment, from mobile and IoT devices to routers and media boxes. We provide optimized supply chain planning and logistics, trade, re-marketing and sales. The combination of these services offers our customers a total solution for managing and optimizing their hardware worldwide.

Part of our services leads to the reuse of plastic waste. As part of the lifecycle management process, we develop new products for our partners.

Arnoud Hersbach, innovatie & development business manager at BNS explaines in the video below how we create a fibersolution for T-Mobile out of plastic waste. 


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